LNWR Superheated Precursor class 4-4-0 No. 2584 Velocipede


LNWR Whale Superheated Precursor class 4-4-0 No. 2584 Velocipede: This model has been built by myself on commission in 2017 and the build time took me just under 100 hours. The Javelin Models kit for a George the Fifth class was used, with Precursor conversion parts from David Andrews. In addition, the build also incorporated many superior parts from the Laurie Griffin range. In conclusion, the model has been expertly painted and lined, using a bow-pen by John Cockcroft. George Whale followed F.W.Webb as Locomotive Superintendent of the London and North Western Railway in 1903. His first loco design was the Precursor class, basically an enlarged version of Webb’s Precedent class. Built at Crewe in 1906 as a two cylinder saturated steam 4-4-0 with slide valves. Velocipede and many others of the class, were later rebuilt by Charles Bowen Cooke who had replaced Whale in 1909. He incorporated superheated boilers and piston valves to bring them into line with his more powerful George the Fifth class. Velocipede has here been modelled in that condition. The longer smokebox and smaller bogie wheels identify these locos from the unrebuilt members of the class. Follow this link for a comparison with one of these locos, Victor.