BR (ex NER) Q6 Class no. 63385


Q6 Class no. 63385
BR (ex NER) Q6 Class no. 63385. First of all, this is a fabulous model. It was built and painted by the late Graham Jaques from the Piercy kit, designed by Walter Hodgson. Expertly weathered by Pete Brinded. The superb kit includes parts to build a non-working representation of the inside motion. Graham was a good friend. He taught me a lot and I greatly miss him. I bought this model from his widow Margaret, after his untimely passing. A lasting tribute to his skilful modelling. Current collection is by the American method, where the loco collects from one rail and the tender from the other. The insulated wheels have been shorted by thin wire behind a spoke on one or other side of the loco and tender. An insulated drawbar and fallplate is needed with this system and in my experience, with care, it works very well. For comparison with a loco that I have built myself from the Piercy kit, while in the pre-grouping livery, follow this link.