Small Prairie no. 4519

Small Prairie 4519
GWR 45xx Class no. 4519. Malcolm Mitchell kit, bought ready built and basically painted from the Reading bring & buy ten years ago and has been a regular performer at the Poachers test track. Recently stripped of original paint by myself and re-painted and lightly weathered by Warren Haywood. This lovely little loco is powered by a top quality multi-stage gearbox by Ron Chaplin, with a Canon motor and a small flywheel. The models adhesion is very good. All driving axles have axle boxes and guides without springs. On my test track, which has curves of only 5′-5″ radius, I have a rake of six Lionheart coaches for testing locos with and it can pull those easily, more if required, I’m sure. This model is for sale. Please see the models for sale page of this website for more details.