LNWR divided drive compound Experiment class no. 307 Victor

Experiment no. 307 Victor
LNWR Experiment class no. 307 Victor. Built from scratch by Michael Edge of Carlton in 2004 and painted by Ian Rathbone. Metal wheels, which have been finely cast, possibly by Alan Harris, were used in the build. The drivers having telescopic axles with a tapered pin to fix the quartering. Additionally, the model carries small nameplates of both the builder and the painter on the underside to give that provenance. F.W.Webb designed the full size loco using his patent divided drive compound system. Built at Crewe in 1883 as a 2-(2-2)-0. Two outside high pressure cylinders driving the rear wheels and one  low pressure cylinder between the frames driving the forward wheels. To replicate that working on the model, Michael has expertly fitted two independent motor and gearbox units into the model loco. One driving the forward wheels, in addition to the other driving the rear wheels. It works perfectly, just like the real thing. A credit to the builder. I was lucky enough, to firstly find and again to be able to buy, this very fine model at auction. But it was in a poor state. It had considerable rusting to all of the wheels and other brightwork. The chimney, smokebox door and a tender toolbox had become detached. On the positive side however and very importantly, the paintwork was still in very good condition and the loose parts have been easily refitted with no detriment. After repair, cleaning and lubrication, placing the model on the track and he was away, non the worse for his spell in a location of damp atmosphere and change of ownership. It is now perfect motive power to my rake of Peter Cowling built London & North Western Railway and West Coast Joint Stock coaches. In conclusion, working models of divided drive Webb Compounds are very rare. Pete Waterman has a superb model of Apollo, built from scratch by James Harwood in scale 7. Warren Haywood has painted a model of Jeannie Deans, featured in his website gallery. I wonder if these models have independently powered divided drive like Victor?





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