GWR 43xx class no. 4302

GWR Churchward mogul
GWR Churchward mogul 43xx class no. 4302. Built by Malcolm Mitchell from his own kit. Additionally, the model carries a small nameplate of the builder on the underside to give that provenance. Painted to an exceptional standard by Alan Brackenborough.

I was lucky enough, to firstly find and again to be able to buy this model at auction. But it was in less than good condition as it had rusting to all of the wheels. On the positive side however and very importantly, the paintwork was still in very good condition. After cleaning and lubrication, placing the model on the track and she was away. Non the worse for her spell in a location of damp atmosphere and change of ownership.

It goes without saying what a risky business it is when buying models in auction. You do not get a chance to test the working of models before bidding. You are lucky if you get a box to carry it home in. Therefore confidence in your own ability to be able to repair any faults is obviously a necessity.

In the same auction there were many more fine models, including my Experiment, Precursor and Star King Richard. These models, came from the collection of Peter Trey, in Ireland. Obviously a true connoisseur of model trains and an avid enthusiast of the GWR and L&NWR.

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  • 25th July 2018 at 5:54 pm

    Purchasers feedback “I’m really pleased with my 4302 thank you and I’ve enjoyed looking at your website, there are some splendid locomotives!”.

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