LNER K4 class no. 3442 The Great Marquess

The Great Marquess
LNER K4 class no. 3442 The Great Marquess. Expertly built from scratch in tinplate and well painted by persons unknown. This model was bought on-line from an Eldreds of Plymouth auction via the-saleroom.com. Normally I prefer to handle and be able to closely inspect models before purchase at auction. But this day I must have been up for taking chances, buying Ingleborough, 75069 and The Great Marquess on the same day. As a working model, this loco has needed very little work. It ran very well as soon as I opened the box and placed it on the track. It had however lost one of it’s front footsteps. Not too difficult to make a new one from scratch and no-one would know now. I bought it with a client in mind and as soon as he clapped eyes on it he had no hesitation in buying. He has now had it converted to DCC by Richard Pogson and it runs very smoothly in both DC and DCC, without the need for it to be switchable. A risky purchase that I do not regret in the slightest.