BR (ex LMS) Rebuilt Jubilee Class no. 45735 Comet

45735 Comet
BR (ex LMS) Rebuilt Jubilee Class no. 45735 Comet. I bought the kit that this fine model was built, from David Andrews, donkeys years ago. The intention was to construct it for myself, as I clearly remember seeing 45735 (unnamed by then and in a poor state) many times whilst it was allocated to Annesley in the mid-sixties. As now, my own work takes the back burner to other peoples work and the box remained unopened for years. Then on a return from a Poachers running session one Sunday, my old mate George Dawson (Majestic George as many people remember him) commented that he fancied adding a rebuilt Jubilee to his collection and he bought the kit from me. He had another old mate of mine, Derek Pike build it for him, but poor Derek passed away before it could be painted. It then remained unpainted for years more until George passed away. George’s daughter Gaynor then sold it back to me. I made some improvements, such as fitting side springs to the bogie, before asking John Cockcroft to give it a well deserved coat of paint. It now runs superbly, even on my own restricted curves test track in my loft.