BR(MR) Princess Coronation class Pacific no. 46245 City of London

City of London
BR(MR) Princess Coronation class Pacific no. 46245 City of London. Very well built from the Gladiator kit with Slaters wheels and a very smooth, quiet and powerful Crailcrest motor and gear unit.
This model was bought from auction in a painted condition that, lets say, was not very sympathetic to such a well loved class of locomotive. It had originally been built to a professional quality and painted in British Railways crimson lake livery as no. 46245 City of London, complete with cabside yellow stripe. A condition that I well remember seeing the full size loco at Derby works open day in 1964. The model must have looked truly wonderful and would have been the envy of most O gauge modellers……….. until someone saw fit to overspray it in silver paint. Apparently for a film set. Fortunately and the one saving grace, they masked off the chassis, cylinders, wheels and motion of the loco.
Over the past few months I have stripped off all of the paint from the main body of the loco and tender. I have ensured that the model is now in fully working condition and repaired any areas and added extra detail that the model needed to bring it up to my own personal exacting standards. John Cockcroft has made a wonderful job of repainting (less yellow stripe) and she is now in better than original condition. As a passionate collector of fine scale models I am very proud to be responsible for buying and restoring to it’s former glory this fine model.

LMS (ex Caledonian Railway) Macintosh 0-4-4T no.15128

LMS (ex Caledonian Railway) Macintosh 0-4-4T no.15128. A top quality model. Built from scratch, signed and dated on the underside “Painted Larry Goddard ’79”. The wheels are cast metal with telescopic axles, pinned to set the quartering. Look at the profile of the spokes of the drivers. These are of Alan Harris quality. The motor and gears are a Buhler/JH unit. No provenance as to who the builder was, but I would lay a pound to a penny that this model made the short trip “down the road” from Geoff Holt’s workshop to be painted.

GWR (ex Cambrian Railway) 2-4-0T no.1196

GWR (ex Cambrian Railway) 2-4-0T no.1196. This lovely little loco has been expertly built by Ray Butcher from the Agenoria kit and painted by Alan Brackenborough. It uses the superb ABC mini gearbox, has compensated suspension and as such runs extremely smoothly and is very powerful for such a small loco.

There were originally three of these small tank engines, built by Sharp Stewart in the early 1860’s and in Cambrian days they carried the names Magnolia, Gladys and Seaham. In 1922 they arrived at Swindon for rebuilding and didn’t the GWR make them look smart? Renumbered 1192, 1196 and 1197 they returned to the Cambrian system in 1923/4. This loco 1196 (shame it didn’t retain it’s Gladys name) was transferred to work the Hemyock branch for a short spell before returning to Oswestry to work the Tanat Valley line, until withdrawal in 1948 after putting in a remarkable million miles for such a small loco.