LB&SCR Stroudley B1 class 0-4-2 no. 179

Gladstone class no. 179
LB&SCR Stroudley B1 class 0-4-2 no. 179. This model was bought off of Ebay, superbly part built, from scratch in brass. I do not buy many models from auction unless I can handle them and see them with my own eyes. But the build quality of this looked so good that I could not resist it. The tender was pretty well complete, as was the chassis and cab. All wheels (Slaters) were supplied and the boiler was supplied as a cut-out flat sheet. All I had to do was fit an ABC motor and gear unit, roll the boiler, make it fit (which wasn’t easy) and then make it all work. Doesn’t sound much, does it? But I can tell you it gave me some headaches. Warren Haywood has expertly added the paint for me. She runs like a dream, so all’s well with Ebay and well worth the risk.

The model is of course of one of the famous and very successful “Gladstone” class express passenger locomotives, designed by William Stroudley. When running in it’s original livery no. 179 was named “Sandown”, but after Stroudleys’ death, his successor Earl Marsh had it repainted in his own very attractive umber livery, without the painted name. It also carries Marsh’s design of smokebox door, continuous handrail over the smokebox and tender fenders. Otherwise she is in as built condition, including the very attractive brass cab side number plates, as running circa 1906.