LNER (ex NER) Y7 class 0-4-0T no. 982

LNER no. 982
LNER (ex NER) Y7 class 0-4-0T no. 982. Scratch built by Ron C. Pearsall Models, a diamond makers plate on the underside “RCPM”. Expertly painted by Larry Goddard and signed on the underside “Paintwork L.W.Goddard ’82” all giving provenance. Until I acquired this model it had not turned a wheel in 37 years since painting. Just needing a little light oil on the bearings and worm drive, TLC and a minor adjustment and it is as good as new again. It has been built using the split axle system, power collection to the motor being through un-insulated wheels and the main frames. A system rarely used since the introduction of Slaters type insulated wheels. It runs superbly.