Southern Railway (ex LSWR) N15 class 4-6-0 no. E736 Excalibur

Southern Railway N15 class 4-6-0 no. E736 Excalibur. This model has been expertly built from scratch in brass by a person unknown. It has a Leakey motor and gears and uses the American method of power collection. Purchased from a Vectis auction in an unfinished and unpainted (tender primed) condition. After building, the model had been left to gather dust for many years. I have now stripped the tender of primer, replaced a Maunsell type chimney with this Urie type, coarse scale handrail knobs and handrail, rebuilt the cab and tender floors and generally completely overhauled the body and the motion to give a sound and powerful working model. Now painted in Robert Uries London & South Western Railway olive green by John Cockcroft. In my opinion he has the shade of green spot on. I asked him to match the colour of the jacket of D.L.Bradley’s book “LSWR Locomotives The Urie Classes” and he has done exactly what I asked.