GCR Robinson class 8K 2-8-0 no. 1185.

GCR Robinson class 8K 2-8-0 no. 1185. Built from scratch by Walter (Wally) West circa 1972 with good quality wheels, probably by Miller, Swan & Co. This model has a wire drive at drawbar level, from the motor and gears in the loco through to a very heavy flywheel unit mounted in the tender, producing a powerful locomotive with very good slow running qualities. Superbly painted by Bernard Miller with hand painted lettering and crests, in the lined GCR mixed traffic livery. A twin of this model, no. 376 was built by Wally at the same time. That model has since had water scoop apparatus fitted to the tender by Geoff Holt and has also been repainted by Alan Brackenborough.