Great Eastern Railway Holden 4-6-0 no. 1501

GER Holden 4-6-0 no. 1501. Built in the mid 1960’s, from scratch by Wally West using wheels turned from very good castings, probably by Miller, Swan & Co. The split axles and insulated spacers between the frames allow power to be collected from the tender wheels, via sprung plungers mounted on the front face of the tender, connecting with contact faces on the back of the loco. All brake blocks are made from non conductive material to eliminate shorting across the brake rigging. All loco driving and tender axles have sprung hornblocks. Superbly painted by Bernard Miller with hand painted lettering in the GER fully lined passenger livery. The edges of the running plate are showing their age and the faces of the wheel tyres need repainting, but nothing that a little conservation cannot put right. The important areas of the paint are still very good. Cabside number plates have now been found and added since the model was previously displayed on this website.