North Eastern Railway Tennant 2-4-0 no. 1463

North Eastern Railway Tennant 2-4-0 no. 1463. Built circa 2005, from scratch with fully working inside motion, by Wally West using wheels turned from castings by Alan Harris (AGH). The split axles and insulated spacers between the frames allow power to be collected from the tender wheels, via sprung plungers mounted on the front face of the tender, connecting with contact faces on the back of the loco. The plungers also double up as tender buffers. All brake blocks are made from non conductive material to eliminate shorting across the brake rigging. All loco driving and tender axles have sprung hornblocks. Painted in fully lined North Eastern Railway passenger livery by Alan Brackenborough. This model also features very fine cab interior detail, is powered by a Portescap motor/gear unit and is in superb (virtually unused) working condition. A superbly built and painted model in every respect.

It has recently transpired that Wally did actually build three finescale Tennants like this, as well as the scaleseven version shown elsewhere, so four it total. The recently discovered model was in fact sold by Wally himself in an unpainted condition and has since been painted in the livery shown above by Alan Brackenborough.