LNER D49 (Hunt) class no. 366 The Oakley

LNER 366 The Oakley
 LNER D49 (Hunt) Class 4-4-0 no. 366 The Oakley. Built circa early-sixties from scratch by Wally West using non-insulated wheels turned from good quality castings, probably by Miller, Swan & Co. The split axles and insulated spacers between the frames allow power to be collected from the tender wheels and transferred to the loco via strong springs, which also represent water hoses under the fallplate. The motor and 12:1 gears are of the short Bonds type. Power is also collected by plunger pick-ups on the driving wheels. All brake blocks are made from non conductive material to eliminate shorting across the brake rigging. All loco driving and tender axles have sprung hornblocks. Originally painted by Wally Mayhew in fully lined LNER passenger green livery the model had a hard life, but still works well and is shown in use on Arthur Dewar’s layout in Jack Ray’s book ‘Model Railways and their builders’ published by Atlantic Press.The model has recently been stripped of it’s tired and chipped paintwork and has now been repainted by John Cockcroft into fully lined LNER Darlington green livery. It retains the same name, but now proudly carries new nameplates from Diane Carney.