Great Northern Railway Stirling single wheeler no. 1

Stirling single
GNR Stirling single wheeler no. 1. From the Swanage Models kit with Slaters wheels and a Portescap motor and gearbox. This model was originally built by a person unknown and I won it in a GNRA railwayana auction. It was bought because I have confidence in buying second hand models that have been built from quality kits, and as I had already built one of these before, my confidence remained that I could strip and rebuild it into a superb model. Well I have done that, but at a cost in time that convinces me that never again will I tackle one of these in that way. The model now has a pair of plunger pickups on the driving wheels and wiper pickups on the tender. Although axle side to side clearances are very tight on the bogie and trailing wheels, it runs well with 6 foot radius curves being achievable. Thanks to Warren Haywood for a stunning paint job. This model is for sale. See the models for sale page of this website.