LNER Gresley A1 class Pacific no. 1470N Great Northern

Great Northern
LNER Gresley A1 class Pacific no. 1470N Great Northern. Built (to 95% completion) from scratch by Wally West circa 1980’s using driving wheel castings by Alan Harris and a massive Pittman gear and motor unit. For a reason unknown Great Northern (and his twin brother Robert the Devil, who appears on a separate posting on this site) were left unfinished until in early 2020, when I was commissioned by Wally’s family to complete the models. This entailed, in the main, the soldered assembly of cab parts and the fitting of all handrails on the boiler, cab and tender. It also entailed the preparation of the model for final painting by Warren Haywood. I am very proud to have completed the model to a standard worthy of the builder and honoured to have this fabulous model as part of my collection.