BR(WR) Grange class 4-6-0 no. 6809 Burghclere Grange

6809 Burghclere Grange
BR(WR) Grange class 4-6-0 no. 6809 Burghclere Grange. 

This model was built by J.K.Stansfield of Colne in 1993, from the Malcolm Mitchell kit. The motor/gear unit is by ABC and the wheels are good quality cast iron. The pick-ups are of the plunger type and it all has been built to a very professional and well detailed standard. Since then it has been displayed unpainted in a glass case. After purchase, it has been thoroughly cleaned and serviced to excellent running condition by myself and expertly painted and weathered by John Cockcroft. The model even has a tender makers plate with the correct number, 1898, all part of the excellent service from Severn Mill nameplates. For more photos of this model, see the Locos for sale page of this website. 

Only two of the Granges were given the British Railways mixed traffic lined black livery. 6809 in December 1949 when the loco was allocated at Penzance, having a 3500 gallon Churchward pattern tender at the time. The other, number 6819 having the Collett intermediate pattern tender when it was painted in lined black at Caerphilly in 1955. All other Granges were painted plain black, until green became the standard livery for the class in the late 1950’s.