LNWR 19″ goods 4-6-0 no. 285

LNWR 19″ goods 4-6-0 no. 285. A fine model, expertly built from scratch with detailed and working crank axle, inside connecting rods, crossheads and slidebars giving very good movement in the space between the frames and below the boiler. The builder is unknown, but it is known that this lovely model used to be part of the Frances Pearce of Malton collection and was often displayed on LNWR Society tables at exhibitions. The paintwork is still good, with excellent contrast of textures between the dull paint of the smokebox and the polished paint of the boiler cladding. The grey, white and red lining is well executed by hand, probably with bow pen. The boiler bands are tape or transfers. Power to the recently replaced motor and gears (now a fuse protected Portescap RG7) is via the American method, together with a single plunger pickup on the loco as the belt to the braces and it also allows the loco to be tested without the tender.