Pair of BR(S) ex SECR O1 class 0-6-0’s nos. 31065 & 31434

BR(S) ex SECR O1 class 0-6-0’s nos. 31434 & 31065. These two models are the result of work that I started on the 7th August and finished on the 9th December 2021 (180 hours). They have been built from Laurie Griffin kits, the brass etches of these being blow-ups from Jidenco 4mm and the least said about those the better! That said, with bucket loads of patience, they have built into good working models and the castings of the kits are of Laurie’s usual very good quality. With Slaters wheels and their superb GB30R-3M gears/Canon motor assemblies and American method of current collection, the two of them run smoothly and powerfully, singularly or double headed. Each loco has been built with opposite polarities, thus eliminating shorting over the coupling when running as a pair. The client will be painting them himself in the BR plain black livery, no doubt with a suitable amount of weathering.