L&NWR Webb rebuilt Metropolitan Tank 4-4-2T no. 3095

L&NWR Webb rebuilt Metropolitan Tank 4-4-2T no. 3095. Built from scratch many years ago. Bought from auction last year because I have never seen a model of one of these locos before and it looked straight and well built, although the paint finish and level of detail left something to be desired. It has since been completely stripped down and rebuilt with Slaters wheels and a Portescap RG7 motor and gears assembly. As bought it even has a working representation of the inside valve gear which fills the void between the frames and below the boiler, still working perfectly. The existing wiper pickups have been reused as they also still work perfectly. Many fresh castings, mainly from the Laurie Griffin range have been used in the rebuild to give it the detail that I believe all fine scale models of locomotives should have. Now repainted by myself and John Cockcroft has made a superb job of the lining out by bow pen. She was tested at the Poachers running session in June 2022 and performed smoothly and powerfully with my rake of seven L&NWR arc roofed coaches, which complemented the period piece perfectly. This model may not be a perfect scale replica of the real thing and I’m sure that it wasn’t originally the work of the great James Stanley Beeson, but I am delighted with how this “basket case” has turned out. I like the L&NWR locos and the unusual in particular and this fits the bill, spot on. Find another?