BR(ex LMS) Fowler Patriot class no. 45515 Caernarvon

BR(M) Patriot class 4-6-0 no. 45515 Caernarvon. Extremely well built and detailed, the loco from the David Andrews kit and the tender from the John Maidment “Just Magic” kit, built by John Taylor of Halifax. Cast metal wheels and an ABC motor and gear unit. A very impressive model which I recently found in auction and have been lucky enough to acquire for my collection. Very unusual to see a model with one of the Stanier 3500 gallon high straight sided tenders. Only ten of these tenders were built and were originally used with new Jubilees 5607 through to 5616. 45515 used one of these tenders whilst shedded at Edge Hill between 1957 and 1958. Totally authentic, so a very rare model indeed. After living with this model as 45550 for a few weeks I decided that the original paintwork was not up to the quality of the build, so I stripped it for a repaint and a change of identity. Also whilst back in the brass, the beading around the edges of the tender sides and back was removed as it was thought to be to be of a too heavy section and replaced with a similar but lighter section. This well built model has now been repainted by Warren Haywood and in my opinion it’s new coat of paint matches the impressive build. This model is for sale, if interested in buying see the models for sale page of this website.