LNER (ex Great North of Scotland Railway) D40 class 4-4-0 no. 6850 Hatton Castle

LNER (ex GNSR) D40 class 4-4-0 no. 6850 Hatton Castle. This lovely model has been built from scratch by Mr. R. A. Jamieson and carries his nameplate “RAJ Troon” as provenance on the underside of the running plate. Fitted with good quality cast iron wheels and a Portescap RG7 motor and gear unit. The driving wheel axles are compensated. The tender wheel axles are free to ride in hornblocks and guides. The bogie wheels collect the current and the bogie carries springs to control side swing and vertical downward pressure. The tender drawbar is spring loaded. All giving a very impressive smooth ride and haulage capacity. An excellent representation of inside motion and superb interior cab detail completes this top quality model. I bought this model on Monday 13th Feb., sold it the following Saturday. In only five days of ownership I replaced the smokebox door handles and polished the high quality replacements, removed black paint from the door hinges and polished them. Removed silver paint from all loco and tender handrails and polished them to bright metal. Removed gold paint from safety valves and weathered them. Removed gold paint from whistles and polished them…….. A pet hate of mine, if parts of the model are nickel silver or brass and need to be finished nickel silver or brass, why paint them with metallic looking paint? With just a few hours work I think I improved this model considerably and the quick sale proves my point.

It has come to my attention that Mr. (Bob) Jamieson built two models of a D40, probably at the same time (1990). The other one, no. 6845 George Davidson, was painted in the same livery by Alan Brackenborough, and is featured on page 48 of the Gauge O Guild Gazette of May 2016.