BR(WR) Hall class 4-6-0 no. 4983 Albert Hall

BR(WR) Hall class 4-6-0 no. 4983 Albert Hall. A model bought from auction last January (2023). This was not the loco that I wanted. The need to view the models available meant an early start and a long 3 hour trip North for a 9am viewing. There was a Masterpiece Models Castle class available, but someone else wanted it more than I did. But fortunately this Hall was also available and not getting the Castle meant that I was to be heading back home with my second choice. How lucky was I? Because this Martin Finney kit built model has been superbly built, with cast iron wheels on telescopic axles, the quartering secured by tapered pins. An MSC motor/gear unit and power collection by the American method. The original painting was quite good, but the lining applied by transfers was not good. So that has all been stripped, no remedial or repair work needed, and I have just collected it back from Warren Haywood, where he has made a superb job of a repaint. Albert also runs very well with no issues needing to be corrected. So a second choice Hall, not a first choice Castle, but at a total cost of a third of what the Castle would have cost me at that auction. Lucky me. This lovely model is for sale. If interested see the “Models for sale” section of this website.