BR(WR) Grange class 4-6-0 no. 6814 Enborne Grange

This model was built by J.K.Stansfield of Colne in 1993, from the Malcolm Mitchell kit. The motor/gear unit is by ABC and the wheels are good quality cast iron. The pick-ups are of the plunger type and it all has been built to a very professional and well detailed standard. It was then displayed unpainted in a glass case for 28 years. After purchase by me from auction around 2 years ago, it was thoroughly cleaned and serviced to an excellent running condition by myself and then expertly painted in BR lined black as no. 6809 Burghclere Grange.

Now it has been purchased and will be soon going to a new home. The new owner wanted a model of no. 6814 as it was a loco that his father used to drive, so rather than commission me to build a new model, he has bought 6809, I have stripped the black paint and asked Warren Hayward to repaint the model in the 1960’s livery of when his dad would have driven it, saving himself around a grand and a three year wait in the process. Good sense.