BR (ex SR) Battle of Britain class Pacific no. 34065 Hurricane

BR (ex SR) Battle of Britain class Pacific no. 34065 Hurricane. This model was bought from an auction at Templecombe in 2022 in a very sorry state. It had been “built” and I use that word loosely, by a person unknown, probably now deceased, from the superb Martin Finney kit, although the tender that came with it was a David Andrews product. Nothing against David Andrews kits, they are superb too, but soon after purchase a Finney tender became available and it is that tender that the model is paired with now. Having a resin boiler, most of the fittings that had been superglued to it had become detached and some of the detail of the air smoothed boiler casing has slight damage from the removal of excess superglue. But with a little tender loving care, and a Warren Haywood paint job, I think I have proved here that a silk purse can be made out of a sow’s ear? With an ABC motor and gear unit, she runs as smooth as she looks. Now also fitted with a resin casting, produced by Mick Davies, to add blastpipe detail inside the smokebox visible down the chimney. This model is for sale. If interested please see the “Models for sale” section of this website.