BR (ex LSWR) Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 no. 30709

BR (ex LSWR) Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 no. 30709. A model which I bought part built at the recent Gauge O Guild show at Barnsley. Described to me as being built from the Martin Finney kit, the loco body and tender most definitely are, but the loco chassis most definitely was not and had been built fairly crudely from scratch. (Why? What happened to the Finney chassis? We may never know). Anyway the Finney parts looked to be well built, so I bought it. As luck would have it, at almost the same time, a Slaters kit for a T9 chassis appeared on Ebay. So I bought that as well. I built the chassis with Slaters wheels, an ABC mini motor and gears unit, also using Laurie Griffin castings where necessary and a static representation of my own for the inside motion. The new chassis was then married to the loco body. I completed the tender and loco body, again using more of Laurie‚Äôs superb castings. All finished off with a top quality paint and weathering job by Warren Haywood. Here is the result, in my opinion a fabulous model of one of the very last withered arm T9’s.