BR (ex LMS) Stanier class 5MT 4-6-0 no. 45299

BR (ex LMS) Stanier class 5MT 4-6-0 no. 45299. A model bought recently from an auction in Cumbria. A chancy on-line buy. From the two photos on the auction web-site it looked to be fairly well built, but it’s original paintwork looked “play worn” to say the least. On collection (I was on holiday in Cumbria at the time) when I could hold it and feel the build quality, I was well pleased. The model has been built from the Tower Models kit, (construction methods very similar to a DJH kit) with Slaters wheels, a DJH chain driven gear and motor unit and power collection by the American method. The wheels and motion were very free running when turned by fingers, unusual for a gear unit of this type, I thought? Yes the chain was broken. Not so good, but at least I was satisfied that the Walchearts valve gear was robust and should work well under power. When back home, I stripped the loco down, the paintwork was stripped and a new Slaters GB40L gear and motor unit has been fitted. Now fully rebuilt and with superb quality paintwork by Warren Haywood, doesn’t she look good? I particularly like how he has achieved the change of paint finish texture on the smokebox. Warren’s choice of words for it during painting “this black 5 is an absolute belter, as good as I have seen from a DJH model”. A chance well worth taking.