NER T2 class no. 1249. (LNER Q6 class)

NER no. 1249
NER no. 1249
NER Worsdell T2 class no. 1249. (LNER Q6 class). Built and basically painted on commission by myself from the DJH Piercy kit, which includes parts to build a non-working representation of the inside motion. The loco has been superbly lined out in North Eastern Railway goods loco livery by John Cockcroft of Nottingham. Gearbox and wheels by Slaters Plasticard have been used in the build. Numberplates are supplied by Severnmill. Work started on the build on 20th October 2016 and finished on 3rd April 2017. Build time 106.5 hours. Current collection is by the American method, where the loco collects from one rail and the tender from the other. The insulated wheels have been shorted by thin wire behind a spoke on one or other side of the loco and tender. An insulated drawbar and fallplate is needed with this system and in my experience, with care, it works very well. This model has recently been converted to DCC/sound with a Zimo 645R decoder, switchable between DC and DCC by Richard Pogson.

GNR Stirling Single no.1

Stirling Single no.1
GNR Stirling Single no.1. From the Swanage Models kit with Alan Harris wheels. I was commissioned to complete the build of this model after the untimely passing of Robin Bell, who had been commissioned to the build by my friend and client, Stuart Tebbett, who has now sadly also passed away. Expertly painted by Ian Rathbone, who also takes credit for the photo.

BR Britannia class no. 70052 Firth of Tay

Firth of Tay
BR Britannia class no. 70052 Firth of Tay. Built and painted  by myself from the DJH kit. This was the first model loco that anyone commissioned me to build. Lining transfers by Fox Transfers. My client was to become a very good friend, Stuart Tebbert. He had two DJH Britannia kits at that time and asked me if I would take the second as part payment, to which I agreed. That kit became 70049 Solway Firth, which is part of my collection. Very sadly I had to attend Stuart’s funeral earlier this year. He taught me a lot, (mainly about wheeling and dealing!) and is greatly missed.

LNER (ex NBR) D32 class no. 9887

LNER (ex NBR) D32 class no. 9887. Built and basically painted by myself on commission from the Majestic Models kit. Lined out by John Cockcroft. The Majestic Models proprietor and designer of this excellent kit, the late George Dawson, was a smashing chap. After me buying my first kit from him in 1990, he became a very good friend. To say that he taught me a lot about building O gauge models, is a massive understatement.