BR (ex LNER) Gresley A3 class Pacific no. 60036 Colombo (Warren Haywood)


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BR(ER) Gresley A3 class Pacific no. 60036 Colombo. Very well built from the Martin Finney kit with an ABC motor/gear unit, Slaters wheels, plunger pick-ups on the loco with additional current collection from the tender. This is another of my recent auction buys. It was originally well painted in BR green as Night Hawk, but the style of tender was not historically accurate for a loco in that livery. In the early 1950’s tenders of this style had the front end rebuilt and I could not be sure that any A3’s with the later green livery had the earlier un-rebuilt  tender. That is the reason why I made the difficult decision to strip the original paint, made a few repairs and had it repainted and weathered by Warren Haywood in the earlier blue livery. In my opinion he has made a fabulous job of it. In the near future I will have another Finney A3, Sir Frederick Banbury, on these pages, that has the rebuilt tender to make a comparison.