GWR 61xx class 2-6-2T no. 6157 (Lee Marsh)




This model is by Lee Marsh Model Co. and was constructed and painted in South Korea with switchable DC/DCC control with sound, the switch being easily accessible via the opening smokebox door. The build quality and paint finish (cellulose) is second to none and the model, although second hand, is still in absolutely mint condition. Until I acquired it I don’t think it had even been out of the box. I have now lubricated the moving parts in accordance with the instructions, and ran it in both directions with a rake of four Lionheart chocolate and cream coaches. It runs smoothly and quietly and looks superb. I have also ran it for about an hour on my rolling road to check the DCC functions (DCC address 6157) and all is working perfectly.

It is supplied in it’s original box, with instructions, screwdriver set, loco lamps and set of fire irons. Even the gloves supplied are still in their original packet, unopened.