LSWR Adams 380 class 4-4-0 no. 381 (Rob Dettmar/Warren Haywood)


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LSWR 380 class 4-4-0 no. 381. This class of 12 locomotives were the first tender locos designed by William Adams. They were built by Beyer Peacock & Co. at the Gorton Foundry, Manchester in 1879. Dubbed “Steamrollers” by reason of their disc bogie wheels and stovepipe chimneys. When built, Beatties’  umber passenger livery was used, with green and orange lining and with the London and South Western Railway Co. crest above the brass numbers on the cab side. From about 1885 they were repainted into the Adams mixed traffic loco livery of Holly green with black borders, edged by a fine bright green line. This old but accurate model was built in 1955 to a high standard, from scratch by the Rob Dettmar/John Hart (who also produced the RM and early JH motor/gears) partnership. She is still mechanically very good. The original RM 3 pole motor, no. 577, gears and flywheel are smooth and quiet and move the model swiftly and elegantly. The wheels are good quality cast iron, verging on the coarse side of finescale. Since originally listed, she has been stripped of her original paint, which had turned very dark with age and expertly re-painted in the mixed traffic livery described above by Warren Haywood. She was also renumbered from her original 382 at the same time.