L&YR Barton Wright/Aspinal 4-4-0 no. 978 (Gordon Heywood)



Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Barton Wright/Aspinal 6′-0″ 4-4-0 (nicknamed a “Peacock”). Beautifully scratch built and painted by Gordon Heywood in 1963. I didn’t realise that build quality like this was achievable in the sixties, other than by names like Beeson and Miller or the like. The crests, all lettering and lining have been painted by hand and the quality of the etched cabside number plates and the “Beyer Peacock” builders plates is superb. The livery is still in very good condition for such an early model and the detail inside the cab is also superb. The wheels have been expertly machined from good quality cast iron blanks and I believe the motor and gears are home made.