Southern Railway (ex SECR) Wainwright class H 0-4-4T no. A162 in gauge 1 (10mm/foot)


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Apologies if this causes confusion and I know this model is not 7mm, but I do have some 10mm models for sale and this is one of them. It was originally part built by Alan Eaton from the Wagon & Carriage Works kit, which was a blow-up from the 7mm design of (I believe) Tim Hughes of Meteor Models. Alan had started the build and then got bored with it, so I bought it, completed it and painted it. That was all of 15 years ago. I really went to town with the detail for a gauge 1 model, even getting Guilplates to etch for me the Ashford builders plates and the SECR bunker side plates. Mark Wood fine scale cast iron wheels, MSC Crailcrest gears and motor unit with power collection by plunger pickups.